993 vr6 turbo

My 1996 911. 12v Vr6. holset hx35. It has taken almost 2 years but most of that was trial and error stuff. The cooling system was the biggest obstacle with the air pockets being the issue. It will be a work in progress the rest of the year as i am now going back and redoing things that were built with the intention of being rebuilt.  Eurotrash will be all over the midwest and east coast this year so stop by the booth and say hello.

2014. It's that time again.

  • Ok with the car show season starting soon for the mid west people with water by the bridge in march i though it was a good time to revitalize the blog and try and really cover the whole year through the lens. We easily go to a dozen shows or more each summer and i tell myself that i'll take a bunch of pictures and i end up taking almost zero. So that's it, this year I'm doing it. I'll try and keep this updated as much as i can with random useless european car pictures of some of the nicest cars i see at shows and online.


Water by the Bridge. Louisville,ky. March 25th, 2012

     With all of the new shows popping up lately, it's nice to go to an established show where most of the kinks are worked out. "Water by the Bridge" is in it's 3rd year under the new name and location, but I can remember going to the Grossman shows as many as 8 years ago! Now i know what you're thinking...Grossman show? that sound's like a spectacle. Well if you've made it to some of the pre parties, that's exactly what it is haha. Thing's are sure to get out of hand with a bunch of hardcore gear heads coming off months of nothing to do. The Following day was the show with local vendors, the first smell of a charcoal grill, burning rubber, screaming exhausts from the Dyno Dynamics dyno, and all of the local dubbers you hadn't seen since last season. It was always a great time, but in 2009 the show outgrew the local shop. Enter Water by the Bridge.

  Grossman Tuning was started by John Grossman in 1996 in Louisville, Kentucky. It quickly became the premier spot for all things euro. The annual get together was always held in March just as the weather started getting warmer. It's a great opportunity to do a shake down run on those winter projects.

The first annual "Water by the Bridge" was held in 2010 down by the Ohio River, still in March. With added advertising, more vendors, a DJ, catered lunch, and a much larger venue. Needless to say,  the show was a hit. People came from Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Miichigan and who knows where else. The pre-party is a great way to meet the out-of-towners and learn a little about our local scene. Louisville has always had a pretty good group of enthusiasts. Louisville is the home of Grossman Tuning (seen at shows all over the Midwest/East Coast), C2 Motorsports, and of course, yours truly, EuroTrash.

The show was even bigger and better in 2011, and will surely be a great time in 2012 (official dates coming soon)! So support the scene and come to Louisville for a killer start to the show season!

2011 vid

2010 video

Louisville rocks it out

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